Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the benefits of owning a Hot Tub?
  • A: Hot water naturally has a relaxing feel. Like bathing in a bath your temperature is raised and the contact of water on the skin is very soothing. 
  • Combine this with massaging effect of the jets, the powerful whirlpool, the spacious ergonomically designed interior and LED lighting all combine to create a relaxing and soothing environment to unwind in at the end of the day. 
  • The tubs are designed to operate between 26–40 degrees and can be used as a swimming pool for children, a cooling plunge pool during the summer or as a stunning Hot Tub to unwind in. 
    • The Urban Cedar Sport Hot Tub has been created with the looks of a Solid Cedar Wood Tub but with the technology, comfort and size of a polymer tub. 
    • Q: How much does a Hot Tub cost to run?
    • A: On average it costs around 50p - £1 per day to heat a Hot Tub but this can vary according to the time of year, size of the tub and amount of use. 
    • Our tub feature the latest Balboa Spa Control systems which have 3 energy saving modes built into them which can reduce your energy consumption by up to 60% 
      • In addition our tubs feature a locking insulated lid, insulation and cedar cabinet all of which combine to highly insulate the tub.
      • Q: Where should I position my tub?
      • A: The Urban Cedar Sport has been designed to sit freestanding on a patio or be sunk into the ground to create a more integrated look. Close to your house is a popular choice as it is convenient and private where as a tub positioned in a more exposed area creates a wonder focal point and a feeling of space.
      • Our design team will work closely with you to decide the best location for your tub.
      • Q: What preparation is required?
      • A: Our design team will work closely with you to ensure every detail is taken care of. The Urban Cedar Sport is designed to sit on an existing patio or decked area but we will check all these details and also advise on access, electrical work and drainage if required. 
      • The tubs are simply filled using a hosepipe and no water connection is required. 
      • Q: Do you have detailed specification for the Urban Cedar Sport?
      • A: Please click here for details of the tub. If there is any additional information you need please email us and we will forward the requested information.
      • Q: What access is required?
      • A: The Urban Cedar Sport comes in three depths; the standard version is 80cm tall and is designed to fit through a standard gate or doorway. The Deep version is 90cm tall and can be lifted into position. Our Ultimate version is 100cm tall.
      • Urban Cedar use specialist trolleys and trailers and will check all the access requirements before we deliver your hot tub.
      • Q: What electrical supply do we need?
      • A: The Urban Cedar Sport is very energy efficient and is fitted with a 2kw Balboa Heater. The tub only requires a 13amp supply and can normally be wired directly to your existing house circuit.  We normally use a local electrician and they will ensure your hot tub is installed correctly. 
      • Q: Does the Hot Tub need plumbing to a water supply?
      • A: No, the tub is filled using a hosepipe and the water only needs changing every 3 - 6 months. The water can be drained using the internal hosepipe connection or a cost-effective water pump, which can be bought separately.
      • Q: How do we keep our Hot Tub clean?
      • A: The Urban Cedar Sport is fitted with the latest polymer liner, which can simply be wiped with a soft cloth when the tub is emptied. The highly efficient filtration system keeps the water in perfect condition, which in turn means the tub liner remains clean and hygienic. 
      • When the tub is installed you will be given a user guide and given a full demonstration on how to use & clean your Hot Tub. Weekly maintenance normally takes 10 minutes.
      • Q: How do we operate the Hot Tub?
      • A: The tub is pre-programmed and is designed to manage itself until you are ready to use the tub. A simple 4-button controller designed by Balboa controls all the tubs functions and is accompanied by a user-friendly guide. 
      • When the tub is installed you will be given a demonstration on how to operate your Hot Tub and our friendly team in the office are only a phone call away. 
      • Q: Any other questions?
      • A: Please email us at or call our team on 01934 833 844 and we can answer any other questions you may have.

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