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Yay! You’ve got a hot tub! Congratulations! Use these handy hints for hot tub owners to make having a hot tub even more pleasurable.

Use your cover: Your hot tub cover is insulated and not only keeps dirt out, but keeps the heat in. Only leave your hot tub uncovered when you’re planning to use it.

Set up your cleaning routine: We’ll have supplied you with all the info you need. Looking after your hot tub isn’t hard, but to get into the routine, set reminders so you don’t forget when you have to clean filters and so on.

Let your water temperature remain constant: It actually takes more electricity to heat water than it does to keep it hot, so don’t feel bad about keeping the temperature up. Your cover will ensure that it doesn’t lose much heat. It also means you can hop into your hot tub on an impulse instead of having to turn the temperature up and wait.

Keep your cover in good shape: The sun’s rays can damage your cover over time. Ask us about cover conditioners and how often you should apply them. Keeping the cover clean is simple, just wipe it down with a gentle cleaning agent. We’ll be happy to recommend a brand. Don’t use harsh detergents.

Have cleaning tools handy: Cleaning and maintaining a hot tub is relatively easy, but having tools that are designed specifically for cleaning your hot tub handy makes it even easier.

Store your chemicals safely: Keep your hot tub chemicals out of reach of children, and store them in a dry, cool place. If your chemicals get to hot or cold, they may start to break down. If this happens, they won’t work as you expect them to.

Last, but not least, get even more pleasure out of your hot tub by having a 20 minute soak before bed time. Research says you’ll sleep sweetly!

We’re here for you after you’ve got your hot tub too. So feel free to contact us here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs, Bristol for any more advice.

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