Round or square hot tub: which is better?

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Excitement all round: you’ve decided to buy a hot tub. Then you’re confronted with choices, choices and still more choices. After all, we want to make sure you’ll get a tub that matches your vision, but you didn’t know there were so many options. One of the most basic decisions you have to make is the choice between a round or square hot tub. Which is better?

There are advantages to both and no real drawbacks to speak of. So what you have to do is make a choice between two very similar sets of advantages. Let’s try to make your decision easier by giving you the low-down:

The space where your hot tub will go will be an important element. If it’s near a flat (rather than curved) wall or close to patio railings, a square tub will be more practical and fit into the space much better. If your hot tub is standing in a more open space, a round tub has a classic look that many people like.

Some people find that a square tub allows them to sit a little more comfortably, but just about everyone agrees that sitting in a circle allows everyone to see each other better. If you’re planning to entertain guests often, it could be the more sociable option. Nevertheless, we’ve seen people being wonderfully sociable in square tubs, so you don’t have to worry about everyone disappearing into their shells because you bought one!

Ultimately, your choice between a round hot tub and a square hot tub will be based on two elements: the space where your hot tub is to be installed, and your personal preference. We can’t dictate the latter, but we can come and have a look at the spot where you’d like to install your hot tub and show you how either shape would fit in best. Contact us now or visit our showroom in Yatton, near Bristol. We’re here for you.

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