Keep the kids happy and calm during the holiday chaos

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Ah, what would the holidays be without the shrieks, squeals and skids of the kids?

Whether they’re in their Sunday best or not, kids need to run, jump and slide around the holiday host’s house and wear themselves out – which takes considerably longer after they’ve consumed an array of dessert on top of the candy in their stockings.   But when they’ve got only the house as a playground they run the risk of knocking down or tearing something or other.  Why not redirect their fun into a hot tub for a while.  After their rowdy games they’ll need to mellow out and slow down a bit in the muscle-releasing heat of ergonomically correct tub.  Tickle their fancy and tickle their feet, like Harry Wollop did for The Telegraph .  Going outside in your bathing suit when there’s snow on the ground – how cool is that? 


  Of course children must always be supervised and their time in the tub limited according to age. While the clan’s kid contingent is chatting up their next game strategy it will also be reducing its blood sugar levels, stimulating muscles, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow.  Don’t be surprised when the adults decide to join them.  These therapies can benefit all generations in your family – not to mention relax and unite them all in a warm cosy place where they can actually enjoy time interacting (instead of avoiding collisions with one another in the halls.)   Hot tubs enhance physical health and mental health, preventing many conditions from encroaching and saves your money on future treatment of those conditions.   


Worried about the cost of this healthful accessory?  We at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs may be based in Bristol, but we service families all across the UK, offering them multiple ways to save on their family-friendly Christmas presents.   First off we’ve dumped the middleman and the commission-based sales crew for factory direct pricing.  Our nationwide delivery and installation service saves clients on average  £1000 – 3000 over our competitors.  Also, we bring our mobile showroom to you.  Yes, our consultants will drive a hot tub over to your home so you can take a no-obligation survey and figure out whether and where you have the room to install one of our many diversified models. Then you’re ready to take advantage of the biggest break we offer: our clearance warehouse.  


This is where you can find our hot tubs that can save you up to  £3000!  Though all these hot tubs come with a comprehensive on-site guarantee, the stock is of course limited.  If you purchase a warehouse clearance tub it must be delivered and installed within thirty days of your order, so we can clear the floor for the next shipment of great deals. So stop worrying about how you’re going to keep the brood from destroying your house during the holidays.  Take a moment to call us for help figuring out which tub would best suit your family.  Then, call all your guests and tell them to make sure their kids wear a bathing suit under their Sunday best!

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