Hot tubs as an Aesthetically Pleasing Feature

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You already have a notion of how lovely it would be to have your very own hot tub to relax in. The water-jets soothe aching muscles, taking away the cares of the day as you sit back in luxurious splendour: but can a hot tub really be an aesthetically pleasing outdoor feature? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Urban Cedar hot tubs and spas are designed to look fabulous just as they are, but to make the most of their good looks, we’ve compiled a few tips that will please your eyes as much as your hot tub pampers your body.

This could be a verdant corner where plants cascade bountifully almost to its rim, giving you the feeling that you’re relaxing in a natural hot spring, or you could make your hot tub a focal point framed by a gazebo or patio: you’ll feel like the monarch of all you survey. After all, your hot tub looks like the centrepiece of a regal pavilion.Creating special “outdoor rooms” for a variety of activities is a tried and tested outdoor design philosophy. After all, you use your outdoor spaces for different activities, so creating the right setting makes for practicality and visual appeal.  You can do this by siting your hot tub in its own special garden niche.

Allowing wooden decking to lead up to the warm wooden sides of your hot tub is another attractive option, and if your patio furniture is also made of wood, you’ll achieve a symphony of wood tones that’s as warm and welcoming as the water in your hot tub.

Whatever your approach, we’re confident that an Urban Cedar hot tub will never look anything less than an outdoor feature that’s almost as nice to look at as it is to relax in! Need help with design issues? Contact us! We’ll be glad to advise you.

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