Hot tub party preparation

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You’ve seen the pictures of people having a wonderful time relaxing in a hot tub. Now you’re thinking of inviting a couple of friends to see if you can have just as much fun. How should you prepare? First and foremost, don’t invite too many people at once. Who wants to play the wallflower while everyone else has a relaxing soak? However, if you have a few extra friends over, at least those who aren’t actually in the hot tub will have someone to chat to.

Set up a drinks table with water and fruit juice even if you’re planning to serve something with a bit more of a kick, and consider using plastic drinking glasses, since broken glass near the hot tub or even in it will be dangerous. There are some very attractive plastic drinking glasses available these days. Put out a few plates of bite-sized snacks even if you’re planning to have a barbeque.It’s also a good idea to have a few extra towels handy for your guests. If they take several dips, their towels will get very damp, so they’ll be thankful for a nice dry one later on in the proceedings. Set up a small foot bath so people can rinse their feet before getting into the hot tub. A walk on the lawn with wet feet before getting in for another dip will leave bits of grass and debris floating about – and obviously, you don’t want that.

Music helps to get the party going, so prepare a playlist consisting of a mixture of upbeat, light tracks that can play for as long as you expect the party to last. That way, you won’t have to keep playing DJ. You can just start the music and forget about it. That’s it! You’re ready to let the good times roll!

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