You don’t have to win the lottery to be able to afford a hot tub!

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This doesn’t, however, mean that hot tubs are no longer popular with those who are extremely affluent as you only have two look at a list of what lottery winners spend their money on, and you will see that 29% of 3000 UK lottery millionaires bought a hot tub with their winnings. Perhaps this means you can now buy a hot tub and feel like a millionaire, even when you are not one.For a long time, hot tubs have been seen as being a high-end luxury, a symbol of affluence and a lavish and indulgent lifestyle. While there is certainly something luxurious about pampering yourself and relaxing in your own hot tub, advances in technology and thermal insulation, when combined with greatly reduced manufacturing costs owing to the increasing demand for hot tubs, means they are no longer a high-end luxury but more a deserving reward.

Another misconception with regard to hot tubs and one which we are aware of here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs which has delayed a number of our customers from investing in a hot tub relates to installation. Often the purchase of a hot tub has been postponed because there isn’t a suitable location next to a property to connect the hot tub to a hot and cold water supply. Well, believe it or not, our hot tubs here at Urban Cedar do not need to be plumbed in as they can be filled with a garden hose, and other than a simple connection to an electricity supply, that’s it! Somehow, perhaps the name hot tub infers that it is similar to a bath tub and therefore requires emptying and refilling every time you want to use it. This then also leads to worries about the cost of heating the water every time.

To put your mind totally at rest, why not pop in and see us at our showroom in Yatton near Bristol, and we will gladly show you how you only need to fill your hot tub very occasionally and that heating costs are kept to a minimum through superb thermal insulation both around the hot tub and also, as important, with the cover that goes on the hot tub when it is not being used. Please feel free to give us a call and we will be delighted to arrange a time to see you down here in Yatton.

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