Do you feel you need to justify buying a hot tub?

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This may sound like a strange question, but there are likely to have been a number of times in our life when we have indulged ourselves and bought something that we had always wanted, only to find that we didn’t get as much enjoyment from it as we expected, or didn’t use it as often as we thought. Sometimes there is a difference between dreams and reality and sometimes the motivation and desire for something is, in itself, the driving force and just a part of our plans for the future, the future having no specific cut-off point by which we have to have achieved what we want.

What we are talking about are no doubt considered luxuries, it could be a small boat, a new car, a caravan or a quad bike. They are not the sort of things we would class as life’s essentials but they are rewards for our hard work. What also fits into the rewards category is a hot tub, and to a degree it is understandable that you might have reservations about whether you would use one often enough to justify buying it. We are naturally cautious and we like to look at options from all angles.

Now there is one difference between a hot tub and the other items that we previously mentioned. To use them and enjoy them involves a certain amount of hassle. If you want to take your quad bike out it invariably involves loading it onto a trailer and driving off to some remote track in the countryside. A caravan needs stocking up and kitting out even if you’re just going away for a weekend break, and unless you happen to live on the coast, having about also involves the hassle of driving to where there is some water to go sailing.

With a hot tub, the only hassle involved is changing from your clothes into your swimwear and removing the cover from the tub. Oh and taking a few steps into the garden to get to the tub! That’s it and it is for that one particular reason hot tubs are one of those luxury purchases that actually end up being used more often than you imagined. Once you have experienced the sheer delight and convenience of immersing yourself in your hot tub when you have some spare time, or to de-stress yourself after a long day at work, you will almost begin to wonder why you never thought of buying one before.

Not only that, but if you enjoy having an active social life, you will find your guests will love to come and spend time in your hot tub, drinking wine, chatting and generally putting the world to rights. In fact, there is only one “drawback” you are ever likely to come across once you have bought a hot tub, and that is keeping people out of it!

Here at Urban Cedar we have a terrific range of hot tubs in our showroom at Yatton, near Bristol, so why not make an appointment to come out and see us, or just give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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