We all deserve a treat, don’t we?

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Stop and think for a minute how often you decide that having spent a hard day at work you deserve a treat. It may be going out for a meal, it may be going out to the cinema or it might even mean a spontaneous weekend away. Whichever one you choose, today it all costs money, and a treat once a week or the cost of a weekend break every three months all adds up. If you do the sums, over the period of a year there is every possibility you will eventually spent more on the treats than it would cost you to buy hot tub.

That’s right. Quality hot tubs from Urban Cedar start comfortably under the £4,000 mark which is likely to be a lot less than you may have imagined. Of course those of you who might be marginally sceptical are then going to wonder about the costs of maintaining a hot tub, in particular keeping it warm, but with dramatic improvements in insulation you would be surprised just how little electricity a hot tub consumes throughout the year.

So just imagine, you spend a long and arduous day at work and you fancy spoiling yourself a little, but do you really want to go out again once you have reached the sanctuary of your home? Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to think that all you have to do is get changed, have a quick shower, and within a matter of minutes you can be relaxing in a fabulous hot tub, letting it soak away all the stresses and strains of the day. There is no doubt that there is little more relaxing than spending time in a hot tub, closing your eyes and drifting off to some faraway place. It is more than likely than at times in the past you have stayed in a hotel or at a resort where there have been Jacuzzis and hot tubs and they are pretty irresistible.

It’s difficult to work out exactly what it is, but put a hot tub near a swimming pool and at some point you will almost certainly end up using the hot tub. Now not all of us can afford to put a swimming pool in our garden, but the great thing about hot tubs is that they don’t cost anywhere near the same as a swimming pool, take up a minimum space, and still managed to help you destress effectively. In fact, if you live in an urban environment there is every chance you might have an extremely small, or almost courtyard-sized, garden which has little room save for a patio and a few plants in pots. It’s not the most wonderful environment for sitting out and relaxing in, but put a hot tub on the patio and in next to no time you will more than likely find yourself spending more time in the “garden” then you have ever done before.

If you have been toying with the idea of getting a hot tub but have been putting it off because you feel you don’t know enough about them, the best thing we can suggest is to come and visit us at Yatton, near Bristol, or give us a call and we will be very happy to answer any queries you may have.

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