Not just for the flashy anymore: hot tubs are fast becoming must-have family accessories

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 They appear at first to be merely decadent luxuries for wealthy with too much time on their hands.  But hot tubs are actually even more beneficial to the hardworking set that does not have much time for exercise and health maintenance – both physical and mental. There’s a reason the Romans employed spas for regular health regimens.  They help reduce blood sugar levels, their buoyancy stimulate muscles for those who cannot exercise regularly on land due to health of time constraints; they raise body temperature, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow.  These therapies can benefit all generations in your family – not to mention relax and unite them all in a warm cosy place.  It’s quite amazing to see the effect that first step into the bubbling heat has on a hyper child or grouchy grandpa.  And what a way to get them to spend more time together!  Health is not a luxury.  In fact maintaining it prevents many conditions from encroaching and saves your money on future treatment of those conditions.  No wonder an article in The Telegraph cites hot tub suppliers reporting a 75 per cent year-on growth rate in family hot tub purchases.  


But how do budget-strapped families afford this healthful accessory?  We at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs have thought of that.  We may be based in Bristol, but we service families all across the UK, offering them multiple ways to stay on budget.   First off we’ve dumped the middleman and the commission-based sales crew for factory direct pricing.  Our nationwide delivery and installation service saves clients on average  £1000 – 3000 over our competitors.  Also, instead of making you come out to our Bristol showroom if you live across the country, we bring our mobile showroom to you.  Yes, our consultants will drive a hot tub over to your home so you can take a no-obligation survey and figure out whether and where you have the room to install one of our many diversified models.  They can answer any question that may come up as you’re checking out sample tub.  Once you’ve had a chance to acquaint yourself with our product you can take advantage of the biggest break we offer: our clearance warehouse.  This is where you can find our hot tubs that have been reduced to clear quickly and save up to  £3000!  Though all these hot tubs come with a comprehensive on-site guarantee, the stock is of course limited.  If you purchase a warehouse clearance tub it must be delivered and installed within thirty days of your order, so we can clear the floor for the next shipment of great deals. So you have to move fast if you want to save.  Another way to save on our most powerful and best-equipped hot tubs is to buy our compact models designed for two or three people, and allowing a larger family to take shifts (physicians recommended limiting hot tub soaking to twenty minutes per session anyway.)

So why keep watching neighbours down the street and actors on the screen enjoying the benefits of a hot tub – call us to learn how you can afford one of your own!


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