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  With the holidays just around the corner you may be wishing for a getaway to a warm and invigorating destination in the neighbourhood of the equator.   But could there be a more effective way to spend those expensive airfare pounds?    What if Santa could bring that warmth and vigour right to your backyard – to stay?   The Daily Mail reports that hot tub sales actually increase during the winter. Not surprising.  Along with cabin fever, and the blues, winter brings dry mouth and eyes, chapped skin, poor circulation and higher blood sugar (the season of sweet treats avoids no one.)  Instead of shivering inside and dreaming of living in the tropics you could call the only company in the UK that designs and manufactures the hybrid hot tub:  combining the elegance of a traditional solid cedar wood encasement reinforced by stainless steel strips with the hit-tech comfort and convenience of a polymer-lined ergonomically correct tub. We’ve woven the best qualities of old and new to create a mini back yard getaway for even the coldest and windiest of months.  All this creative innovation has earned us here at Yatton, Bristol, the Best Buy under  £3000 at the What Spa? Magazine two years in a row. We must be doing something right. 


Maybe it’s our coveted designers who are both art and technology savvy.  (We fit our elegantly streamlined hot tubs with the highest quality components from Balboa, Waterway & Del.  Maybe it’s our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the US (where they are built and hand-finished before undergoing rigorous quality testing.  Maybe it’s our factory direct pricing.  (We’ve eliminated the middlemen and the commission motivated sales force.)  Or our impeccable customer service?  (We offer an in showroom changing booth where you can slip into your suit before slipping into our tub.)  On top of our money-saving delivery and installation service, we pleasantly surprise many a potential customer with our no obligation mobile showroom arrives at their doorstep to help them envision what it would be like to soak in hot bubbles on their snow-packed patio.  The first thing many customers notice is how user-friendly our tubs are compared to much of the competition.  The liner on our ergonomically correct tubs is hidden by our custom-designed lid, which improves insulation of your new luxury.  The Balboa eco pack controls operate on three simple settings: standard, economy and sleep, for when you travel or when you’re still finishing up the holiday dinner, but want the tub ready when you are.  The maintenance expenses are the lowest in the industry, and cleaning requires only ten minutes a couple of times a week.  Our tubs come with a comprehensive two-year guarantee and the inner liner, with a lifetime warrantee. 

With all these perks and services you will still be paying between  £1000 -  £3000 less than you would for a similar quality tub in the UK (and that includes the LED lights and the Balboa control system.)   Santa will surely have a hard time finding a tub with both our contemporary aesthetic and reliable convenience at a lower price.

So give us a ring before you finish that gift list.


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