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In this day and age where the value of property seems so high, it is important that when you decide to sell, you not only maximise the potential value of your property, but also maximise its saleability. Now if you have a property valued at say £400,000 and there are a few in a similar price range in the same area where your property is, you need to give it an edge. Well one way of doing that, according to the Daily Telegraph, is to install a hot tub. 

  One couple highlighted in the article describe their improvements to their garden which included decking and a hot tub:

“The couple, whose two grown-up children have left home, have recently made lots of improvements to the garden that extends all around their bungalow.

They've had a hot tub fitted and several areas of decking, meaning they can spend long periods out of doors. They also enlisted the help of a local gardener to help plan their garden and have two greenhouses, where Mrs Tanner raises plants from seed rather than buying them.

Mrs Tanner, a community matron, said: "The hot tub comes into its own in the winter. The longest I've ever spent in it was five hours, when I was engrossed in a book."

She estimated that the couple spent around £1,400 for the decking and a few thousand pounds on the hot tub, but said she expected all the work to have added to their home's value.”

When you think about it, spending 1% of the property value on an additional luxury or incentive to a purchaser does make sense if you want to generate good interest and maximize its value and saleability. After all, you only have to put yourselves in the shoes of a would be buyer and wouldn’t you give a little extra thought to a property which already had a hot tub installed in the garden?

Of course there is the opposite end of the spectrum, and that is where you have just bought a new home and for the first time you have a decent sized garden. It will be fantastic for pets and children, but what do you want to satisfy you on the entertainment stakes? What could be better after a long day weeding, mowing and pruning to then be able to lie back in a sea of warm bubbles and cast your eyes over the fruits of your day’s labour and a beautifully manicured garden to go with your lovely new hot tub?

Based in Yatton, just outside Bristol, our premises not only have a fantastic range of over 30 hot tubs for you to have a look at, but we even have some tubs which are operational and private changing rooms for you to use while trying them out. After all, you don’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, so we wouldn’t expect you to buy one of our wonderful cedar hot tubs without seeing how you feel when in one. You’d be surprised at the difference between models, and we want to make sure that whichever one you choose, it is the right one for you.

To find out more please do give us a ring and after that we will be delighted to see you at our showroom at a time most convenient for you.

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