Hot tubs are no longer solely for the rich, famous and footballers!

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Believe it or not, when hot tubs first came onto the market in Britain there was a certain reluctance for anyone who was slightly reserved or conservative to consider buying a hot tub or spa as they were considered brash, for show offs and if anything a vulgar statement of wealth. If you are of a certain generation you will understand what we are talking of. However if you are much younger, you will be part of today’s booming market for hot tubs as made clear in the Daily Telegraph where by 2013 over one in ten UK households had a hot tub. 

  Hot tubs have certainly come a long way from the bulky and ungainly plastic ‘monstrosities’ that were as much of an eyesore as a statement of wealth and luxury. Here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs we have been working on solutions to provide a hot tub with all the luxurious benefits and sense of indulgence that you need, but which don’t dominate the vista and all the other features in your garden. Cedar coverings seem to have worked a treat as almost instantly your new hot tub will look as though it ‘belongs’ where you have put it. In addition, cedar as a wood is wonderful when it ages as it takes on a whole new character of its own and will blend even further into the surrounding environment.

Based in Yatton, Bristol, we have a magnificent range of hot tubs – when we call ourselves Urban Cedar Hot Tubs we hope you realise that it is the surrounding to the tub and not the tub itself that is made out of cedar! We cover the majority of the Westcountry, including supplying hot tubs in Devon, hot tubs, Somerset, hot tubs Bristol & Avon, hot tubs Gloucestershire, hot tubs Wiltshire and hot tubs to Worcestershire. Our very competitive prices start at a surprisingly low £3,495.00 and especially at this time of year, they are proving very popular for a warm dip on a chilly evening.

One other reason why hot tubs have become so popular has been because of improvement to insulation, both surrounding the body of the hot tub, and also the ‘lid’. As a consequence, it costs, on average, just £20.00 per month to keep your hot tub warm. What is also interesting to know is that it is actually more economical to maintain the hot tub at a consistent temperature all the time as opposed to heating it up form cold every time you want to use it. Now that is good news as let’s face it, isn’t the thought of having a warm relaxing tub ready for you at any time of the day or night almost too good to resist? After all, there would be nothing worse than arriving home after a stressful day at work, wanting to immerse yourself into your hot tub, and realising that you’ll have to wait a couple of hours for it to heat up. That rather defeats the object of the exercise!

Why not give us a call or come and see us at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs and we think you will struggle to resist our quality hot tubs at superb prices?


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