Douse your neighbours with holiday cheer – buy a hot tub

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Needless to say, any type of construction around your home can get the neighbours snooping and complaining.  And that includes hot tub installation, as it did for Miss Liverpool, according to the Sunday Times.  But there’s a very easy solution to such neighbourly friction when the object of their discontent is an Urban Cedar hot tub.  If you’ve seen sneers or heard off-handed jabs about the blockage of a neighbour’s view upon having one of our cutting-edge, user-friendly hot tubs installed on a frigid winter night during the stressful holiday season – invite them in!   You’ll be amazed how quickly their cold attitude dissolves into the jet stream.  And, you may even make a new friend.   


  There’s a reason hot tub sales increase during the winter.  The stress of planning, shopping and dressing for the holiday celebrations in the chilling wind and slippery ice can bring on must extra aggravation, not to mention the blues.   Everyone’s just a bit snippier and anti-social as winter encroaches, bringing dry mouth and eyes, chapped skin, poor circulation and sweet treat induced higher blood sugar.  Why not soothe your stress and your shivers with the neighbours and gift all of you some holiday cheer?!  A hot tub is a wonderful way to relax and flush away all pretences while safeguarding your health.  But it’s an investment that cannot be taken lightly –  once you’ve decided to shop for a hot tub you must shop for high quality and savvy pricing Urban Cedar Hot Tubs, based just outside Bristol, is the only company in the UK that designs and manufactures the hybrid hot tub which combines the elegance of a traditional solid cedar wood encasement reinforced by stainless steel strips with the cutting edge comfort and convenience of a polymer-lined ergonomically correct tub.   


By integrating the best features of both the old and the new we’ve invented a mini back yard getaway for even the coldest and windiest of months and even the coldest and most critical of neighbours.  Plus, we supply you with a conversation starter:  did you know Urban Cedar has been awarded the Best Buy under £3000 at the What Spa? Magazine two years in a row?  The moment they step in they’ll comment that they can understand why.  Hand them a drink, and enjoy a fresh friendship.  


There’s plenty more you can tell them about our coveted designers who are both art and technology savvy.  (We fit our elegantly streamlined hot tubs with the highest quality components from Balboa, Waterway & Del. We build and hand-finished our tubs at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the US where they undergo rigorous quality testing.  By eliminating the middlemen and the commission motivated sales force we’ve developed a business model that allows us to charge factory direct pricing.  With all these perks and services you will still be paying between £1000 -  £3000 less than you would for a similar quality tub in the UK (and that includes the LED lights and the Balboa control system.)   So give us a ring and start spreading the holiday cheer.


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