Party like a celebrity in your very own garden with an award winning hot tub!

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You used to see hot tubs in extravagant party scenes from movies and articles of celebrity excess and debauchery.  Now you can likely see them right down the block.

The Sunday Times reports at least one in 20 homeowners are taking the leap in luxury and buying hot tubs. They offer a great way to entertain all age groups and personality types, as they release anxiety and inhibition.  Who couldn’t use a quick way to unwind and relax after a hectic day of run around?  And what better way to break the ice with friends that are just getting acquainted at your garden party?

So once you’re convinced you should have one (and you usually are after trying a friend’s) you must diligently research where to buy one and which type of hot tub to choose. These two decisions can make or break your enjoyment of this hugely popular hi-tech luxury.  No one knows hi-tech luxury like we do here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs in Bristol.   We are the only company in the UK that designs and manufactures the hybrid hot tub: a comfortable and low maintenance polymer lined tub with an elegant traditional solid wood enclosure. Our tubs are manufactured and finished by hand in the US.   The interiors have been certified ergonomically correct and are exquisitely comfortable.  The exteriors are built from only the finest cedar wood, and supported with stainless steel architectural bands.  The lids are designed with hidden liners, which increase the insulation efficiency.   All these details make for a slick, contemporary look and carefree low maintenance use.  Just four buttons control the jets, lights and temperature.  The built in heater allows you to set your numbers, and let the tub do its thing to rise to your desired temperature, then go to sleep till you are ready to enjoy it.  You can also change the setting to Standard or Economy, depending on the extent of your use on each occasion.  The tubs are fitted with spa pack components from Balboa, Waterway and Del, then tested rigorously before being gingerly packed and shipped to the UK.  And our maintenance guide will have you sighing with relief because caring from your new luxury only takes ten minutes a couple of times a week.

No wonder Urban Cedar’s been awarded the What Spa? Magazine’s Best Buy prize for two years in a row now.  It was our Urban Cedar Sport Base tub that earned us this honour – with its solid cedar cabinet, LED lighting and Balboa controls you can buy this winner for only £3495!  And if you want even more immediate enjoyment of your new relaxation tool you can upgrade to wifi-enabled tubs you can control from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad.  So easy on the eye, but so powerful on the back – our maximum capacity square models sport the most powerful jet streams on the market.  But if you’re looking for a more intimate relaxation enabler, our compact models are perfect for two.  Why just imagine?   Make it real and call us today!

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