Dispelling a few myths about hot tubs

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They used to be a time when hot tubs were only ever seen as a luxurious indulgence for the rich and famous. They were seen as a trappings of wealth and almost a status symbol. To a degree this put up a barrier between the haves and the have-nots, a barrier we feel was put there in order for companies to charge an absolute fortune to sell and install one.

For hotels, hot tubs and spas with this cachet were a godsend as well we became accustomed to the hot tub representing a luxurious lifestyle, a hotel could transform how guest perceived it if they had a hot tub or spa on the premises. If we were fortunate enough to stay in one of these places you could almost virtually guarantee they would always be somebody lying back and relaxing, letting the stresses of the world disappear in an instant. Oddly enough they actually became a really good place to make new friends as hot tubs are designed for social interaction and it is very difficult not to exchange a few words with somebody who was sitting in such close proximity.

However, times have now changed, and with the advances in modern technology and improvements in manufacturing costs, hot tubs are most definitely no longer the sole domain of the rich and famous, they are now extremely affordable. Though still seen as a luxury item, hot tubs and become more of a personal reward for hard work and doing well in life as opposed to a status symbol installed purely to make your neighbours jealous. The sales of hot tubs over recent years have increased dramatically, so now it is possible to install a hot tub in your garden and not have people think you have done it purely to show off.

The next misconception is that hot tubs are both complicated and expensive to install. Here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs & Spas we can assure you that installation is remarkably easy, to the point where there is no charge made for installation other than if you need to create an external electricity socket. In practice installation of a hot tub simply involves placing in in a chosen location and connecting it to an electricity supply. Part of the misconception with regard installation is the fact that you do not connect your hot tub to a water supply; hot tub is not the same as a bath as there are or hot and cold inlets. To fill a hot tub, you simply use a garden hose - it’s that simple!

The final misconception is the belief that once you have bought a hot tub your electricity bills will go through the roof. The answer to that is that they don’t, and won’t. Why? Because the hot tubs we sell here at Urban Cedar benefit enormously from the advancements in modern installation techniques and, as a consequence, once brought up to temperature, use far less electricity than you would imagine to maintain it at that level. Even the cover is heavily insulated to further reduce your running costs.

To experience exactly what we are talking about, why not give us a call and make an appointment to come and see us at our showroom in Yatton, near Bristol, and we will be delighted to dispel any other myths and misconceptions you may have about hot tubs.

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