How to combine two exhilarating experiences at the same time

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It is hard to imagine not being on terra firma when enjoying the delights of a hot tub. Certainly, as with the bath you have in your house, it is not something you normally associate within the context of travel. However, if you have a look at one of our previous articles, you will have seen a selection of hot tubs that are either the major part of a boat, car or even situated on the top deck of a double deck bus.

Taking this to extremes, as we wrote about in another recent article, where hot tubs are concerned it is almost a case of where there is a will there is a way. To be honest here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs & Spas we have been fortunate enough to experience the pleasures and delights of a hot tub and spa in some of the most delightful locations and we can assure you that suspended from a bridge 600-foot-high and spanning a gorge is not really our number one choice of location for relaxing.

Mind you, it would seem that for some people this isn’t high enough and the enjoyment of spending time in a hot tub without doing anything else doesn’t appeal. We will admit that there is almost a recurring theme between taking a hot tub and high altitude, but we can assure you that this most definitely is not a prerequisite and more the domain of those who, to put it bluntly, clearly have a screw loose.

So let us ask this question of you. How many times have you heard the words hot air balloon and hot tub mentioned in the same sentence? With pretty certain the answer to that question is going to be never, so perhaps now is the time to change that. Crazy though it may seem, when you think about it, the size of a hot tub is roughly the same as the gondola you would find suspended under a hot air balloon, so maybe the combination of the two isn’t quite so far out there as you may first think. Of course for the practically minded, the question that is going to cross your mind is the weight of a hot tub filled with water in relation to the weight of a gondola filled with people. You might not think it too different, but of course here were not just talking about a hot tub full of water, we are talking about a hot tub full of water and full of people.

As you can see from the photograph clearly it is possible, and for those involved clearly it was a great experience is nowhere can you see a look of fear on anybody’s face. We’re not totally convinced that this is a trend that is likely to catch on, well certainly hot tub ballooning isn’t. However hot tubs are now much more than a trend and are becoming more and more popular each year. If the idea of having a hot tub has crossed your mind from time to time, why not come down and see us at our showroom in Yatton, near Bristol and we will be delighted to show you what sensible people do in a hot tub.

P.S: Did we mention this is the month of April and that this article was written on the first of the month?

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