And where would you like your hot tub situated?

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It’s not an unreasonable question to ask, is it? Normally the answer to where you would like a hot tub situated is on the patio outside, or indoors next to the sauna. Not so, apparently, if you live in Switzerland though. For some strange reason it would seem that dangling from a 600-foot-high suspension bridge would be a more appropriate location, though not exactly the easiest of places to connect to an electrical outlet, and one suspects that the world’s longest extension cable might be needed here.

We know that extreme sports have gone off quite a tangent with such pastimes as extreme ironing and extreme lying down, but never before have we heard of extreme hot tubbing, not until a more-than-daring group of people decided it would be a good idea to set up a hot tub hanging on a platform suspended from the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland. Apparently this group in question is a bona fide association which likes to enjoy the delights of a hot tub suspended from terrifying locations.

Not content with simply choosing one of the craziest locations in which to enjoy time in a hot tub, the hot tub itself was not even made prior to lowering it down to the platform. Instead they decided it would be more fun to build it in situ. It probably wouldn’t pay to look too closely at the quality of the hot tub itself, although we know that what they actually created does stretch the description of a hot tub a little far as, from what we could see, there was no actual water heater!

Coming back down to earth, literally and metaphorically speaking, the one true beauty of a quality hot tub of the type we sell here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs & Spas is it never looks out of place wherever it is sited. In fact, you only have to look on the Internet to find an array of stunning images showing hot tubs located across the globe in some of the most stunning locations imaginable. And therein lies another beauty of the hot tub.

We are sure you will all have sampled the delights of a hot tub while on holiday, and it is next to impossible not to lie back, relax, close your eyes and drift off into another world. With the installation of your own personal hot tub at home you will find it very easy to do exactly the same, so when you close your eyes it will be very easy to reminisce and imagine yourself where you were when on holiday or taking a break.

Of course, maybe the biggest question isn’t where you would put your hot tub but more a case of which particular hot tub you would enjoy the most. One thing we can assure you of here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs & Spas is that not all hot tubs are the same. As a consequence, we would be more than delighted if you got in touch with us and made an appointment to come and see us at our showroom in Yatton, near Bristol and we can show you our extensive range.

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