4 of the best locations for a hot tub

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Before you start scratching your head and wondering where else you would put one other than by the pool - indoors or out, in a corner of the garden or on the patio, we’re actually thinking more in a geographical as opposed to geo-local sense here. The beauty of a hot tub is once you have immersed yourself in the soothing warmth and gently massaging currents, you can easily drift off to anywhere in the world and imagine you are right there. So where would your venue of choice be? Are you someone who likes to enjoy the warmth of a hot tub while the air temperature is well below zero, or are you more one to prefer a stunning backdrop or breathtaking views?

The beauty of a hot tub is that it is suitable for all types of environment, in fact it is probably the most adaptable feature of any home. That’s why more and more people are coming to us at Urban Cedar and exploring options for a hot tub that they hadn’t considered before. Of course while we are based in Yatton near Bristol, and are happy to offer a comprehensive delivery service across the Westcountry, some of the locations we have chosen to tease you with are just a fraction beyond our delivery limits!

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Our first location is Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA. This seems to encapsulate everything that is perfect for a hot tub location. Amazing views, stunning backdrop and for those who like the invigorating freshness of sub-zero temperatures, this place has the ‘icing’ on the cake for you. As far as ski resorts go, this one certainly looks to take a lot of beating where après ski is concerned.

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Next stop Zermatt in Switzerland. Don’t worry, we haven’t got an addiction to hot tubs in ice-cold environments, but we adored this setting for a ‘subterranean’ hot tub in Zermatt. Okay, we’ll admit the views from inside the tub are a little ‘plain’, but the location is nonetheless very special. This is one of several Igloo Dorff hotels dotted around Switzerland, Germany and Andorra, which was all started as a one-off concept back in 1995 by Adrian Günter.

urban cedar hot tubs bristol

 Now this is a view very few of us are ever likely to see. Okay, this may not be the smartest looking hot tub in the world, but the view’s pretty cool, or should that be hot? This particular hot tub is located on Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean. So do you want the bad news or the very bad news? Well you can rent the island, but it will cost you $65,000 a day. Even between 30 of you, which it can accommodate, that is still pretty painful, but it gets worse. The minimum stay is for 5 nights!!

urban cedar wooden hot tubs bristol

 Our final location is on Big Sur, California, a name you may have heard of before, but have no idea where. This is located on the Pacific coastline, which has some of the most stunning scenery in the USA. If this appeals to you then you will need an eye-watering $5.5million to acquire this hot tub with a view, but the upside is that you also get a free 9,849 square-foot 5.5-bedroom house thrown in for free!

 Just think, from the depths of your own hot tub you could easily imagine you are in any one of these locations. So, if you fancy a regular bit of escapism, why not make an appointment to come and visit us at our showroom in Yate, near Bristol, and let’s see if we can help you realise your dreams.

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