Hot tubs are not renowned for being mobile!

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When we talk about taking in the sights from your hot tub, be usually mean the view from your garden or patio. While hot tubs are easily portable when empty, they are most definitely not designed to be moved around when in action. Also, while the Daily Telegraph may be interested in how much having a hot tub increases the value and saleability of your home, nowhere do we see them make mention of how much you might increase the value of your car or boat by doing the same.

We are also encouraged to think ‘outside the box’ when coming up with radical and novel ideas, and all we can say with some of these designs for hot tubs is the box must have been a pretty big one! Okay, maybe converting the back of a pick-up truck isn’t quite so far-fetched, but actually creating a steam-driven hot tub boat is more the stuff of Jules Verne than today’s hi-tech society.

Okay, clearly these two boat hot tubs aren’t ocean-going vessels and you would only want to take them out in choppy weather, but for sure you don’t have to worry about the usual sailing problems of sinking or getting wet. And if you happen to be a bit of an exhibitionist, then all well and good as you are bound to get plenty of strange looks as you chug along the river. Imagine turning up to your favourite riverside or canal-side pub, climbing out of your hot tub and getting the drinks in. Jealousy would be bound to take on a whole new meaning where any bystanders were concerned.Wooden hot tubs bristol

Volkswagen is literally translated from the German to mean ‘car of the people’ and having sold over 25million, you’d not be far off thinking it is the world’s most popular car, even if it is actually the Toyota Corolla with 40 million sold. However, this is an article about hot tubs, not cars, and what we wanted to say was that the stretch VW here is the absolute antithesis of a ‘car for the people’ and more a car for the individual, or fun-loving couple. Curiously, if you search the internet there are quite a number of hot tub cars around, and amazingly all can be driven when full of water. We guess the question is whether the law dictates you wear a lifejacket or seatbelt when driving it!

Urban Cedar Hot Tubs - Wooden hot tubs bristol

Then again, there is always someone who likes to take things to extremes, and clearly a hot tub car wasn’t big enough or crazy enough. Instead they decided that a bus was the ideal vehicle to convert to a mobile hot tub, and not just with one tub, but an incredible three. Judging by the number of instances we see of double-decker buses misjudging the height of low-level bridges, we think the driver of this bus would be best to rely on local knowledge than on sat-nav to get to their destination.

Urban Cedar Hot Tubs- Wooden hot tubs bristol

However, perhaps you are more of an in-the-box thinker and that actually, for you, the perfect place for a hot tub is on your patio. If that’s the case then why not make an appointment to come and see us at Urban Cedar in Yatton, near Bristol, and we’ll show you our extensive range of high-quality static hot tubs!

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