The Christmas present that let’s you keep celebrating all year long

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Any chance to escape the bitter cold and muddy melted snow is cause for celebration.  So this year, instead of joining in the holiday rush and the gift shopping mania why not call a family meeting and decide on a gift you can all enjoy together?   Why torment yourself over what your spouse or kids really need or want?  Why fork out hundreds of pounds on trinkets and games that will be used for a while then disposed of by the following Christmas?  Why not come to a consensus on a gift that you can all enjoy together while maintaining the family’s health?  

So many studies find that it is shared experience, not material objects that forge bonds and memories.  De-stressing and de-compressing in a hot tub after a long day’s work (at the office or in the kitchen) is an ideal way to share what’s on your mind and heart.  When people are relaxed and comfortable they tend to open up to one another, and to make light of life with a joke of a fresh perspective on their lot.  A hot tub might be just the gift that can bond your busy bee family in times of stress.  You may think it’s very expensive to maintain a hot tub, but according to This Is Money the costs really aren’t so high, especially when set against the health maintenance benefits and doctor’s bills you can avoid when you regularly soak in one.   The most cost efficient hot tub is a high quality hot tub.  

 No one understands the energy efficiency and health benefits of hot tubs like we do here at Urban Cedar Hot Tubs in Bristol.   Not only do our tub lids with state-of-the-art hidden liners increase the insulation efficiency, we are the only company in the UK that designs and manufactures the hybrid hot tub: a comfortable and low maintenance polymer lined tub with an elegant traditional solid wood enclosure. 

 The fact that our Urban Cedar Sport Base tub is just as economical as they are beautiful has been confirmed two years in a row by What Spa? Magazine’s Best Buy prize.  With its solid cedar cabinet, LED lighting and Balboa controls you can buy this winner for only £3495!  Our US made hot tubs sport ergonomically correct interiors and are luxuriously comfortable.  Fine cedar wood exteriors are supported with stainless steel architectural bands. All these details make for a slick, contemporary look and carefree low maintenance use.  Just four buttons control the jets, lights and temperature.  The built in heater allows you to set your numbers, and let the tub do its thing to rise to your desired temperature, then go to sleep till you are ready to enjoy it.  You can also change the setting to Standard or Economy, depending on the extent of your family’s needs and heat thresholds. And you won’t have to argue about who’s going to perform the maintenance, as our tubs are built to require only ten minutes every three times a week. Make this Christmas the family bonding experience it should be -  call us today! 

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